What is PPG?

What is PPG?

So what is PPG, and where can I find it?
PPG stands for Pop Price Guide, and it is exactly that, a guide. Too many people nowadays take PPG for gospel. PPG is clearly a negotiation point to negotiate the price of a particular Funko Pop.
PPG can be found on the WhatNot app as well as the Funko app. Just scan or type in the pop you want to price up, and it will give you the price. You can also change the currency in which it is shown (for example, I am in New Zealand, so it shows me the PPG value in NZD)

Where does the PPG price come from?
When people list their items and they sell on eBay, it picks up on the selling price. It does not factor if shipping is already included. (variant 1)
It also looks at items over a 30/60/90 day window, and gives more weight to recent sales over older sales for the average.
As we all know, eBay prices can be manually inflated by shill bidding...this is when someone bids up the price of an item with no intent to pay, but to solely run up the price for inflation purposes. (variant 2). You can go back and look at sold items, and if something seems fishy, and you think it was inflated, look at the bidders. Most shill bidders use new accts or accts with very little feedback. Also if the item is selling for say $20, and a random one at the same time sold for $100, prob shill bidding.
When new items hit the market, there is an automatic "i gotta have it now" attitude that results in prices generally 2-5x the retail price paid. Using the bath time Deadpool for an example. He was listed on PPG at $30, but if you look at the sold listings on ebay, they are trending down fast as it makes it way to more and more Targets for $8.99. Most of the recent sales on it are in the 15-20 range, which is respectable for a new pop.
For the most part, the older a pop is, the more accurate the PPG is going to be. It's a good tool to use, but knowledge of how it gets it prices is paramount it knowing if it's accurate.
Source: Reddit

So as you can see above, the PPG trending value for #07 Freddy Funko (W/ Ray Gun) is currently NZ$59, which means that you can discuss a price around that mark.

Please, if you are going to quote the PPG, and use it, please have a good understanding of how it works and how it can be cheated.
It is a guide....it is not the Pop Price Bible. 

What apps are best for this?
I tend to use the Funko App which is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.
Those in USA may find that the WhatNot app is more applicable, and this can also be found on both devices.

When a Funko Pop is brand new it may not have any PPG information and will come up with how it looks above. "Insufficient data for trending value". Sellers would often look at how it has sold previously, and what price it is with other retailers.

The Funko App
One of the cool things I really like about the Funko app is that it details the following:

  • Release Date
  • Status (Available  //  Vaulted)
  • Item Number
  • Product Type
  • Franchise
  • Exclusive? And if so, to where?

If you have any Funko questions, or a suggestion for me to write an article on, do drop a comment below

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