Box Condition

Pop! Daddy Assessment System


We here at Pop! Daddy understand the importance of knowing what condition a particular pop is in, so we have come through with an assessment system to help you understand its condition.

Firstly, the important thing to know is that we are never going to call a Pop perfect. That is because nothing is perfect. However, a Pop can be in Mint condition.

This is from our eyes and what we believe to be the right assessment of the Pop. If you want a further inspection, please don't hesitate to ask.

M = Mint. This pop looks fresh out of the factory with little to no minor issues.
NM = Near Mint. Almost pristine condition, however it may have some unnoticeable issues.
G = Good. There may be some slight damage, or something that is really obvious.
P = Poor. This is one step before being classed as OOB. It means that the box is almost bad enough to not be repaired, but not entirely.
OOB = simply stands for Out of Box. The reason for this is because the box is beyond repair.

We don't take windows, stickers or factor issues into consideration.

Remember that once you've made your purchase, all sales are final.


    When we say something is in near mint condition, we would be considering the following:

    • Slight creasing
    • Window Scuffing

    When we say something is in good condition, we would be considering the following:

    • Sticker Residue/Color Fade
    • Crease bumps on the box
    • Creased Corners
    • Small Corner Dings
    • Small Corner Tears
    • Scuffing  //  Marks on the box
    • Window peeling away slightly

    When we say something is in poor condition, we would be considering the following:

    • Window is dented or cracked
    • Heavy corner tear
    • Heavy creasing
    • Box starting to peel.